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Probably the main question that any investor would ask themselves before engaging in cooperation with a new company would be – how is in going to be more profitable than starting a career of an independent investor? Indeed, at first glance it may seem that being a “standalone” investor is much more convenient: you get the overall 100% of the profits, you are fully in charge of your own capital and you control the whole investment process from end to end.

But let`s get a better view of the subject from a different perspective. The process of project search, testing, establishing business contacts, take a whole lot of time and energy. Besides, some projects on the market are simply inaccessible to individual investors. Platio Trade provides you with a bunch of real advantages:

Entry threshold

Large companies have large opportunities. We are funding a number of big projects, unavailable to general public.

Time efficiency

Our team takes on the responsibility of finding and screening projects, as well as managing users` portfolios.

Money saving

Despite paying for the company services, you end up getting a higher profit than you`d get as a private investor.


We have a team of real financial professionals. You don't need any special skills to start investing with us.

$ 33.0 M

Billions is the average annual turnover of the company

Join us and become a part of our financial empire! We open up the boundaries for people from all over the world, for each and every one of those who desire to start their path of investing , receiving passive income and earning their financial freedom.


The managers of Platio investment portfolios always take their job with full seriousness. Our team has developed the most optimal investment plans that will suit the investors of any level and preference: both the novices and the profound “wolves” of the industry; both the admirers of innovative approaches and the conservative businessmen.


Traditional investment in securities in the world markets. Moderate profitability and low risks.

Investment amount


Work period

365 days

Daily profit


Per month


Invest from 50$


Investing in trading stocks of the main and additional issue (PPO and SPO) from well-known companies.

Investment amount


Work period

365 days

Daily profit


Per month


Invest from 300$

Best strategies

Investments in fundamentally new directions, young companies and startups with the highest profits.

Investment amount

from 3000$

Work period

before doubling

Daily profit


Per month


Invest from 3000$

Diversification of capital

This is the key to the stability and growth of your assets

A difficult task is much easier to do!

Investment, financial planning and pricing! Our goal is to be understood by many with unique needs!

The formation of an investment portfolio is a priority and necessary for modern investments. In our company, the stock portfolio contains different industries. Smart investments mean making huge returns in a short period when the stock market goes up or down. Long term means investing in different portfolios for extraordinary profits.