Next generation Smart investment

We are our clients' trusted savings manager and always act in their best interest.


Smart investments allow you to receive immense amounts of income both in growing and declining markets. By using our intellectual portfolio balancing system, we swiftly adjust to any market fluctuations and benefit from any external conditions.


We do not require any unnecessary bureaucracy or special financial skills from our clients. You just need to go through a simple registration and replenish your account – we will take care of the rest.


Our platform is built upon the latest security standards. All user data are transmitted via encrypted channels, and all financial transactions take place within the highly secure Blockchain network.


Bringing thousands of private investments into a single global financial pool allows us to participate in large-scaled projects and receive maximum profit within the shortest timeframes.

Company Platio Trade Plus
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Smart investments are balanced risks, diversification, the ability to vary assets to obtain the desired profit. You can choose for yourself a strategy with maximum profitability or consistent and predictable income.

What are we doing
Platio presentation

We have prepared a video presentation for our clients, you can familiarize yourself with our activities and financial directions of Platio Trade +.The promo video allows you to visually familiarize yourself with the principles of work and development prospects.

We try to provide the best service and optimal financial conditions for cooperation with our clients. It will take a minute.

How do we work?

We search for investment offers

We collect private investments

We create a global financial pool

We pay dividends to the investors

More than 1700 investors have already approved our financial model

Time is the most valuable resource for any serious person. Helping you to use this priceless resource as efficiently as possible is exactly what the Platio Trade company striving to do, by taking over the most labor-intensive aspects of investment activities.

Our specialists monitor the global financial markets over-the-clock, searching for the best and most relevant offers. Then our financial department develops a line-up of investment portfolios for the current period. All projects go through careful selection according to their level of profitability and prospects. Next, we engage the financial pool, while all the participants of the pool – meaning our clients – receive a percentage of company`s income.

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Platio investment portfolios combine the latest technology with time-proven strategies. The company`s financial analysts choose the best options within our main areas of expertise, while the intelligent system reallocates funds depending on the market situation.

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Please, be sure to see our “Investors” page in order to find more information and details on our investments plans and choose the most suitable one. We work with worldwide exchanges, online and offline trading platforms, providing out clients with the best solutions.


Traditional investment in securities in the world markets. Moderate profitability and low risks.


Investing in trading stocks of the main and additional issue (PPO and SPO) from well-known companies.


Investments in fundamentally new directions, young companies and startups with the highest profits.


Investment Principles

Platio Company is always committed to the fundamental principles of investing. This allows us to minimize risks and ensure capital growth.


Proper asset allocation is the key to success. More profitable businesses compensate for the less profitable ones, thus providing us with extra stability.


It is extremely important to be able to readjust in time and find new methods of earning in volatile markets. Platiodoes this the best possible way.

Platio Trade+

Official registration

Our company is officially registered in Great Britain and meets all the norms of international financial law. All the relevant documentation on our company is available on the official website of the governmental registry of British companies.